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I have been nearly bursting with this (non-baby-related) news & I'm so glad it's finally time to tell the world:
Jared got his dream job! We are moving to the District!

A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to take a leap & with every ounce of our beings said yes to DC. Yes to moving our things, yes to saying many goodbyes, yes to some long distance relationship-ing. With every yes that we said, excitement, anticipation, a little bit of wariness & a whole lot of "finally!" sank deeper into our hearts. I am just so proud of Jared - So thankful for him & amazed at how he is fearlessly forging this new path. Myyy man.

So, though it may only be four hours away, we are incredibly eager to meet our new city & welcome this new adventure together. Together. Our time away from each other has been nothing short of painful, & this has been the wackiest season of our marriage thus far. I'm fairly convinced we could be moving to the middle of nowhere, & I'd be thrilled, so long as it meant that I could hear Jared neurotically clipping his fingernails from the bathroom twice a week, wake up to him singing Italian arias in the shower & hold his hand during our evening walks. DC is a bonus - He is my home.

Our bags will be packed for good at the end of July, & there are certainly a lot of goodbyes to say to this city that we have lived & loved in. I started a Norfolk bucket list, so we'll see how that goes, but time is already going by so quickly. We just realized this weekend that it's not unrealistic to start packing up some of the less frequented corners of our apartment. Packing up... to move! To DC! 

Hopefully this explains some of the blog silence recently. Things are getting cray up in here, but I'm really happy that things are set in stone enough for me to talk about this now. Excitin'!


  1. AH! Such exciting news! So happy for you guys.

  2. The biggest of congratulations to Jared, and a huge hug and 'Happy Move' to the both of you. What a wonderful new chapter to start together, I wish you the absolute best!

  3. This is so exciting!!!! I'm actually up in northern virginia for work sometimes so maybe we can meet up once you guys get settled :)

  4. Awesome! That is great, looking forward to having you in the city. I hope you will enjoy the city and surrounding areas as much as we do.


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