this weekend we...

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This weekend we...
  • Ate our weight in frozen grapes. Seriously, if you haven't had frozen grapes yet, you're not doing summer right.
  • Went to a dear friend's show & came home for a movie/cuddle sesh. I picked the new Jack Ryan flick. Jared was not impressed, but I kinda liked it. Apparently, Jack Ryan is a touchy subject.
  • Watched the Cardinal's game with my dad, in which they so graciously won, just for us.
  • Battled a weird summer morning wind while trying to hang streamers in my parents' backyard for my youngest sister's graduation party.
  • Listened to Coldplay's new album & decided it was designed to be listened to only when you're supposed to be falling asleep.
  • Made breakfast for dinner at 11pm, just because.
  • Window-shopped for puppies online, since apparently the puppy fever & our impending move to a "Dogs allowed" apartment is getting to be too much to handle.
  • Laughed a lot. But that's nothing new ;)

How was your weekend, friends?


  1. Laughed a lot is my favorite! Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Love the picture. :)

    1. Laughed a lot is my favorite, also. Such great fun when you're married to your BFF! Hope you had a great weekend, too!


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