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hat - H&M // tee - Cotton On // jeans - Old Navy // clogs - Rubi

& so begins the shortening of my long locks. I know it probably still looks long to most, but us long haired ladies take weeks to acclimate to losing even an inch of hair to a trim. 4 inches gone feels insane but ohhhh, so perfectly summery. The bangs were on a whim, but I think I love them. Just some fringey sass. This year has already been so full of unexpected twists - Why not throw a spontaneous haircut into the mix? 

I'm on Day 12 of my attempt to Whole30 my way through the month, for real this time. (May's attempt was mildly pathetic.) It's been the strangest process, but I must say that it's doing everything they say it will. I have asked the waiter to hold the cheese, I've had lime water in lieu of the delicious free cocktail being offered to me, I've said no to black truffle mac & cheese, I have read ingredients during every grocery store trip, I've taught myself to cook sweet potatoes & boy choy & the perfect poached egg... It's truly causing me to think differently about my food. On top of that, despite a maybe 1 pound drop in my weight, my body is really starting to transform. My point is - This diet? Cleanse? is crazy & I woke up craving Cheez-its, but I'm halfway in, & definitely believe in what it's doing.

This isn't going to become a blog about food & I'm desperately trying to not incorporate my current diet into every conversation I have (Just most! Kidding, kidding.), but in case you needed that extra push to start a change in your dietary regiment... Consider this a nudge.

& lastly... Once again, radio silence since last week's style post. I KNOW I KNOW. I was in serious wedding-land starting Thursday night of last week. Exhausting though weddings may be, I was so blessed to be a part of Kathryn & Nathan's gorgeous wedding day. I took all of Sunday-Wednesday to binge watch Orange is the New Black, catch up on laundry & try some new recipes... All in the name of relaxation. It was glorious, & I don't even feel bad. (I obviously feel bad. I hate posting two outfit posts in a row.)

But it's Thursday! Hallelujah!

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  1. Love those white jeans! And good luck on the rest of Whole 30 :)


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