this month - june

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EATING - all the fruit, specifically blackberries.
DRINKING - more fruit, making up fruit + herb + water combos (favorites: strawberry basil, blackberry mint, lemon rosemary)
PRACTICING - patience. Always.
MASTERING - my forward fold... hopefully.
LEARNING -to use nail polish remover instead of chipping my polish off at my desk.
PLAYING - around with Whole30 compliant recipes.
FINISHING - photo & video projects that have been hovering for way too long.
READING - apartment postings, eeeevery day.
WATCHING - Orange is the New Black SEASON TWOOO.
WALKING - to work, rain or shine this month. Making that promise to myself.
WEARING - pants more often than I want, since my poor legs have already fallen victim to one night of savage VA mosquitos.
COOKING - out with friends who have more than just a fire escape.
WORKING - on freeing up space on the ol' iphone. Daunting, really.
TRAVELING - to Richmond for a very exciting wedding.
WANTING - more dresses in my closet.
 Whatcha doin' this month?

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  1. I will always love your beginning of the month posts. Also, yay forward folds!!!!


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