wearing - 21/50

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chambray - Kohl's // lace shorts, wedges - H&M // belt - j.crew // sunnies - Urban Outfitters (but also, they're Jared's) // nails - NYC's Hamptons Peach

The thing about taking outfit photos in a rose garden is that rose gardens require full sun. Kelseys do not require full sun, & in fact, try to avoid it. Basically, pardon my slightly wilted look in these photos. I was pretty over it at this point. A Grumpy Gus, one might say. It's still early June, so I'm still re-learning how to take on the humidity.

Heading back to Richmond this weekend for the wedding of the yeaaaar! Seriously, this weekend's wedding is going to be gorgeous, & I'm over the moon to be amidst some incredible vendors & the sweetest couple. & now, back to compiling another roadtrip playlist that will keep me entertained during the ride there & back. I can't deal with the Disney Pandora station again. Singing along with the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid is fun maybe twice, then it's just annoying & the Tarzan soundtrack keeps sneaking in... Things get weird when you roadtrip along, that's all.


  1. Humidity is ROUGH but your hair looks amazing. Seriously, how do you make it do that?! Teach me your waves.

  2. Beautiful!! Hope the wedding is perf and yes, roses LOVE sun!

  3. Love the shorts, I spotted a similar paid at Banana Republic but couldn't get to buying them. I love the nail color, matches your lipstick perfectly. Fun blog!


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