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APARTMENTS - With our move to DC a little over a month away, apartment hunting online has become my new obsession hobby. It's a rotten business that has to be done, even when it keeps you up way too late, makes you want to cry & most definitely will not end in an ivy covered building. 
IPHONE CASES - My Rifle Paper Co. iphone case cracked recently, & even though it's going to have to stick it out until we get new phones in October, I'm still dreaming of picking out one of my friend Kelsie's wildflower cases. They are absolutely dreamy AND available online. She's basically a crafting goddess.
KIMONOS - This adorable trend will have come & gone by the time I have found a kimono that I'm willing to commit to. I have gone shopping at least three times for the express purpose of purchasing a kimono to lounge in, only to end up with new socks, earrings & a tshirt at the end of the trip.
BREAKFAST - I hate breakfast. I always have. But this Whole30 thing is making me realize how important it is, so I'm scouring Pinterest for breakfast options that I can make in advance, freeze & reheat fast in the mornings. Lara Bars are also doing the trick, although I think I'm technically cheating by eating those daily. THE DRAMA.
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  1. Love love love that particular kimono design - the colours are divine!


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