iphone does - the DC apartment hunt

Oh my gosh. It's Friday. Not only is it Friday, it's almost the end of June. HOW.

I took a little trip up to DC for 30 hours apartment searching, which was a fine excuse to see that husband of mine, peek into his new job & take the occasional detour on M St. On my drive up, I realized that I hadn't been into the city since we made the decision to move & OH MY GOSH WHAT IF I HATE IT. But I didn't. I loved it. Still. More? Whatever the level of love, I'm so ready to be a part of it.
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We went to Arlington & back into the city & round the round-a-bouts 72 times attempting to get off on the correct street. We saw scary apartments & apartments we'd like in 12 years. We met dogs & potential neighbors. We ate salads because of my continued Whole30-ing (not an easy choice in such a delightfully foodie city, let me tell you) & drank a LOT of iced coffee. We probably used 96% of our data for the month thanks to Google maps & spent 30 minutes at a time walking hand in hand while both on the phone with various property managers.
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At about 3pm, we got to the point that Jared just pulled the car over into what we were fairly certain was a legal parking spot & just started walking up & down streets that we'd like to live, calling any "For rent" number we could find. Every 30 minutes or so, I'd start getting panicky, & Jared would talk me down. Because no, Kelsey. We aren't going to have to live in our car. & I would look at him, my favorite human, & peace would swallow me. We've got this.
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Jared's transition to DC has made time crawl, but at the very same time, this impending move has us racing against the clock. The dark cloud of where will we liiiiive??? has taken over my every thought, as demonstrated by these three paragraphs on that very subject. I lay in bed with my laptop till 1am every night, over-analyzing hundreds of Craigslist ads & rabbit trailing onto random realty websites. I've caught myself rationalizing way-too-expensive neighborhoods & considering way-too-teeny studios, only to swim back up to the surface, take a deep breath & remind myself that in a little over a month, me & that favorite human of mine will be in the same city, breathing the same air in the apartment that is perfect for us right now.

So, I've just got to trust. & be patient. & wait for the peace whale to swallow me whole, over & over again.

[I'm dangerously close to being behind by 3 outfit posts... Working on it. My camera is having an attitude problem, which is simultaneously frustrating & $$ scary. Lovely timing.]

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  1. Yes, DC is a hit and miss, you find a nice place at a ridiculous price or a good price with a ridiculous space. I am sure you will eventually find something that you both will fall in love with and it will feel like home. Good luck!


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