hrva blogger happy hour

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Local bloggers! (Or not so local bloggers that just want an excuse to visit the beach, which, c'mon...) The lovely ladies of 6 Petals & I are hosting our second HRVA blogger meet-up & we want to see your faces! Come meet us at Pacifica in Virginia Beach next Tuesday, April 15th for good drinks, good food & good community. We'll be there (with goodies!) from 6-8pm, & we're going to try REALLY hard to not eat all the s'mores before everyone gets there. 

If you think you'll come, we want to make sure we have plenty of seats. Let us know in the comments here or on the Virginia Blogger post, OR via facebook or twitter.

& hey! If Tuesday night is no good for you, send me your e-mail address & we'll get you added to the Virginia Bloggers HRVA event mailing list.


  1. Wooohoo!!! I hope you guys have an amazing time! I actually have to go to DC on Tuesday (boo!) otherwise I'd try to make the trip!

  2. Sorry I missed this, I was planning on going. Next time!

    1. It was DOWNPOURING when we got out, which made for an exhilarating drive home... We'll definitely keep you posted on our next event - Can't wait to meet you!


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