four good things

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LAVENDER - I made lavender simple syrup for the first time last year when I hosted my friend Dani's lavender & lemon themed bridal shower. It's a springtime must & I cannot wait to try Eden's lavender mojitos at Easter brunch.
SPRING HAIRS - You can barely tell, but I added some orchid to my blonde last month, & I cannot WAIT to go back to Wynter & add more. It's actually a dream come true to have some pink in my hairs. LOVE.
EASTER EGGS - My sisters & I (with assistance, or supervision? from the menfolk) have begun taking Easter egg dyeing very seriously over the past couple of years. Then, we make some very seriously tasty deviled eggs.
LINEN SHEETS - Must. Have. Since pink hair has gone from to-do to to-done, owning linen sheets has moved up the list. I daydream about pulling those straight out of the dryer & straight onto the bed but oh yeah. Need a dryer.

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  1. nice pictures!! :3 ♥


  2. YES to linen sheets. they'll change your life.

    1. Only a little embarrassed to admit that I spied these on your bed last night & was completely overwhelmed by jealousy.


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