wearing - 13/50

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jean jacket - American Eagle // dress - H&M // shoes - Old Navy // necklace - gifted

Guys. I have so little to say. After a few weeks of calm & regularly scheduled programming, this week has all the things crammed into it. So, while I could sit here & talk about how long I put off buying a jean jacket as an adult because they reminded me too much of being 6 & so frustrated that I couldn't move my arms freely, or how much I hope this is the last outfit this spring that features tights, or how great our botanical gardens are but those bees, man... I'm going to stop typing & resume The Great Clothing & Stuff Purge of 2014. It's worth it it's worth it it's worth it it's worth it...

photos by: kelsie of with lavender & lace


  1. Two aspects that scream 'spring' in one post - cherry blossoms, and spring purging/cleaning!
    Lovely photos :)

  2. Great pictures! :3


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