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photos from last week | with our niece | in my parents' backyard
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(This man with this baby... YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW. He's smitten = I'm swooning)
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Back to the top of the week! After a gorgeous past week spent outside as often as possible with our baby niece, Monday showed up with all sorts of rain & a headache to boot. As such, I have not felt even the least bit sorry that the only thing I allowed on my to-do list today was editing photos from a shoot this weekend. It's either that or doing some serious deep spring cleaning in preparation for our yard sale this weekend aaaaand... I pick pictures.

I'm actually really excited for this yard sale, because heaven knows it's about time we get rid of some things. It's been 3.5 years since we got married (whaaaat) & a year and a half since we moved into this apartment, so there's a mixture of things-that-I-was-way-too-nostalgic about, things-that-never-really-fit-in-this-apartment & things-that-we-can-now-afford-to-buy-the-grown-up-version-of that just need to go. Having been together since I was 17 & he was 18, we are acutely aware that we have gone through (& will continue to go through) every phase of adulthood together, including the shedding of $20 Ikea rugs & jeans from high school. Actually, our biggest task this week is hopefully downsizing from two his & hers dressers to one shared dresser... Which seems laughable, but we're surely going to try. I'll stop talking about our clothes now.

So now, I'll shamelessly advertise that if you live nearby, you should come buy aaaaall of the Bethune things on Saturday. There will be a cute golden doodle to pet, while you're at it so everybody wins. (I'm not crazy enough to put addresses on the internet, so please shoot me a message on Facebook if you'd like more info.)

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  1. Well, it sounds as though that was quite the glorious weekend (and those photos?!! *swoons*), so it's a shame Monday chased it with a headache! However, looks like you did the best thing in editing photos, I hope you got through them all ok!!

    Absolute best of luck to you with the yard sale (it's so odd - we just don't have them here in the UK. Car boot sales? Yes! Yard sales? No!), fingers crossed you get rid of it all! If I lived any where near you'd I be straight over :D


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