wearing - 12/50

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coat - H&M // shirt - J. Crew // sweater - thrifted // jeans - Urban Outfitters // shoes - TJ Maxx // glasses - Warby Parker

Do you see that? The GREEN grass in these pictures? Glory be, hallelujah... We made it, ya'll. I spent a part of this afternoon hunting down what I'm pretty sure is the only candle we had stashed away that didn't smell like pumpkin or spice or apple something-something. This is about the time of year that I begin to dream of looong picnics with my handsome Jared & taking time to, you know, just read on a bench in the park up the road. Oh, & jogging! I'm always definitely going to be jogging in this beautiful weather. Even though those things hardly (or never coughjoggingcough) happen, I think it's okay to place it up on a garland covered pedestal in all of its not-winter wonder. Happy April!


  1. Such a cute outfit! All of those things sound like so much fun! Enjoy the spring!

  2. YAY for spring!!! I've been loving the sunshine lately :)

  3. The coat is very beautiful- great photos! Have a great one Kelsey! -Iva


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