wearing - 14/50

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shirt - Everlane, Ryan Tee // maxi skirt - thrifted // shoes - Forever21 // necklace - antique

I'm about to talk a LOT about a t-shirt.

When all of my favorite bloggers started talking about Everlane tshirts, I immediately added at least 4 shirts to my virtual shopping bag & dreamed of slouchy-t days. Being the amazing company they are, Everlane noticed that I had been dreaming of owning one of their shirts for over a year, & by the grace of the silky-like-butta rayon gods (& a little account credit), the Ryan Pocket Tee made its way into my closet. HOW GREAT IS THAT? I could honestly live in this shirt. I sort of have, the last few days. It's heaven in a t-shirt.

As a 25-yr-old that should be spending $25 on bills & parking tickets & oil changes, I am 1) a bigger fan of this fantastic company than ever because hey there, awesome customer service! & 2) convinced that it's that time in life to start investing in the clothing that I allow into my closet. We successfully purged our closets & dresser drawers for last weekend's yard sale - Enough so that we're now sharing both a closet & a dresser, saints preserve us. If it didn't sell, we took it straight to the donation drop-off. It's so freeing to have gotten rid of that much stuff, but it's also a fresh start for quality clothing purchases. We'll see. Right now the clothing budget line reads: "$Do you really need that.00" Nice, right?

*This is totally not a sponsored post - I paid for my Everlane goodness, & I'll do it again. I just really, really love it.


  1. Yes, everlane is amazing! But so is that skirt! I'm in love with that color lately.

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  3. I think this may be my favorite outfit posts of yours. Oh so perfect!

  4. Love that shirt!!! Now I need one ;) Really though, Alex and I recently did a closet purge, in preparation of our soon-to-be-sharing-a-bedroom situation and it feels so much easier to pick out things to wear, since all that's left is the things I love!


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