easter sunday

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Some family photos from this year's very short Easter Sunday - Jared & I met up with my family after church for the annual family photo op (2013 & 2012), scarfed a delicious lunch & then packed up the car to head down to the Outer Banks for the week. Jared, very sadly, is home until tomorrow night, so I'm counting down minutes until my sweetheart joins me in this little slice of North Carolina paradise.

Although it rained the whole way down & into this morning... & although it's still quite chilly/windy out, I'm grateful for some relaxation (read: answering emails from as far back as two weeks ago), some serious cuddles with the golden doode, & the promise of a 76 degree day tomorrow that ends with Jared & I in the same state. Hallelujah x 2!


  1. beautiful pictures! :3

    1. Thank you! Your comments are always so sweet!

  2. Sounds like a lovely - if not a little damp - weekend, Kelsey, and I've no doubt Jared is back and happily ensconced in your arms!

    And can I just say, you have the most beautiful smile. It lit up my whole screen! :D xx


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