minus & plus

- working out at our creepy complex gym on friday night.
+ husby joining me because it gives me the skeevies.

- no parking at the williamsburg grand illumination last night
+  precious & impromptu time with amelia & allison & jared watching fireworks & eating toffee.

-  leaving my nsync christmas c.d. at work over the weekend. this was a big deal. & a bad one, too.
+  remembering that andrew burned me the elf soundtrack & it was in my car!!!
(+) working in an office where I can listen to nsync christmas & break for sing-a-longs with my boss every now & then.

-  meanies in traffic on the drive in to work this morning.
+  sitting at a stoplight next to a car with a big ol' scruffy dog staring at me from the passenger seat.

-  our tree doesn't smell nearly as christmas tree-y as I'd like it to when I walk in the door...
+  but it sure is pretty. & jared had all the christmas lights on when I got home. christmas cheer!

-  I've been given a less than simple piano accompaniment to play at our church's christmas program. it's sorta kicking my butt, actually.
+  it's so great to have a piece to PRACTICE. butt kicking an' e'rything.

- cramps.
+  ibuprofen. x3.

- giving myself a curling iron hickey this morning in my cramp-induced fog
+ letting people think it's a real one, high-school styyyyle. (or whatever aged kids do that? errr...)

-  the wind tunnel I have to walk through to get into our office every day. totes did not miss that this spring/summer.
+  having all of 1 voicemail once I was blown through the wind tunnel & into my office today. welcome back, off-season.

- addressing christmas cards. boo hiss.
+ our first christmas cards! even if it's just the two of us, we're still a little family.

- office holiday gift exchange.
+ office holiday gift exchange.

- remembering just now that I have to cook food for that tomorrow night.
+ at least I remembered?

husband just jumped off the couch & plopped down on the floor so that I can't see his computer screen.
pretty sure that means some christmas purchasing is going doooowwwwnnnnnn.
he's wearing his new reading glasses = yummmmm.
I'd absolutely risk ruining a christmas present surprise to get a smackaroo from clark kent bethune.

xo, kelsey


  1. you two make me vomit. that's all i'm saying.

  2. Bahaha. I love the curling (originally typed 'culy') iron hicky comment - & the nsync christmas comment...

    sweet picture! :)

    You probably know where i'm going with this... I don't think J&K have seen a photo shoot with Danielle in the WINTER.

    ya know.

    Yaaaaa know.

  3. Ps... you should get some left over pine boughs from home depot for your window sills & book shelves to add some more scent to your apartment. Without a doubt that was my favorite time of living in our apt. The month of december when we didn't mind our radiators working hard & coming home to our amazing living room filled with christmas decor. I miss it.

  4. LOVE this format. I'd make it a regular blog thing, if I were you. ;) Also, LOVE that photo of you two...way cute. :)

  5. You know you're both adorable, right? Reason number 7342097 why you guys are awesome. (Aaaandmyfavorites.)


because lezz be frandz.