the first day of Christmas

when Jared called me on his way home from work today,
he told me he & his brother were going on an adventure to get a Christmas present for me.
I said, but Jared, haven't you already gotten my present??
genuinely surprised, but still a little twitterpated because haaaay... preseeeents.

so when I got home from work & found this sitting on the counter,
I was overjoyed & dangled it over my head,
walking around the house looking for my true love with the hottest fish-kiss face a girl can muster.

I love mistletoe. & this is year 5 that Jared has climbed a tree to get me some.
which, in turn, gets him some.
so everyone wins.

& I, the Christmas queen bee, didn't even realize that today
was the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas.
husby earned gryffindor like 6,000 points on that one.
he is thoughtful. & wonderful.

oh, & done with all his finals.
smarty pants.

xo, kelsey

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