the elliphant

I went over to my parents' on saturday night for some QT with the baby seester,
& someone decided to join me on the couch.
this little girl pup must know that I'm completely in love with her,
because she got a photo sesh instead of a reprimand.
whatever. she's completely precious & omgahhhh I want a puppy sooo baaaddddd-duh.

not just yet.
we need a yard.
& one of us to be home a little more often.
*sigh* someday.

in the meantime,
I'll be cuddling with ellie & pretending that she remembers that december day 
when just barely engaged jared & kelsey picked her up from the farm in maryland
& brought her to her new home.
through 9 hours of traffic on a should-be 5 hour drive, she sat in my lap & laid by my feet,
disappearing into the snow every time we stopped to let her out.
so precious. & had I a scanner, I'd share the polaroids.

oh hey!
speaking of sharing photos...
Korie posted some of our photoshoot that we had with her last month & they do not disappoint.
in fact, they've sent me a little bit over the moon.
I'm completely smitten.
we're totally thrilled.
& there's more pictures on the way! wahhhh!

the cranberries are chilling & the corn pudding is prepped for the holiday party at work tomorrow.
now it's time to shower off the sparkles that I may or may not have sprinkled all over myself 
while decorating the office christmas tree today. 

because I'm a little bit magical.

xo, kelsey

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