christmas eve

there's a tradition in my family that aaaaall the present wrapping takes place on christmas eve.
& I love it & will continue zee tradition with essmann pride. ja.

santa kelsey's little elf helper konked out on me at 8 p.m., when nary a present had been wrapped.
but will I wake him? when my fingers are bleeding from tape slicing and ribbon curling?
no. because sweet husby is working his patooty off these days so that he can have important days off,
like days to spend with his family at the beach house this past week,
& new year's eve when all our wonderful friends are in town.
he is giving, of time & sleep & love.
& I could not be happier to be spending our 2nd married christmas eve with him & his snores.

& with that being said,
I'm off do to some serious present wrapping. & present rapping.
what whaaaat santa kelsey in daaa houuuuseee...

xo, (santa) kelsey

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  1. I saw a ton or tweets Xmas Eve where people were legitimately talking about "raping presents." Wow. I guess that's when spell check fails the truly stupid.


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