mustaches & snores

had to laugh, going through the outtakes from our christmas card fauxto shoot.
this photo pretty accurately describes this week, really.
me climbing barbed wire fences into property that I don't own...
& jared giving me a smile & a helping hand to get me back where I belong.

he's snoring next to me right now, as I sit in bed finishing some music stuff for church.
the foot twitch is in full effect, so I know he's toooootally out.
cutie pie.
he shaved his november 'stache today & I kinda just wanna kiss that soft-as-a-baby's-bottom face...
but you don't disturb a man in foot twitch mode.

it's not going to be much of a weekend.
my first full saturday off since march is booked up until the afternoon...
when he goes in to work until close.
stupid work. 

as annoying as the snoring is, it sounds like deep sleep, & I want in on that action.
happy weekend!

xo, kelsey

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