some photos from our long awaited trip to Christmastown in williamsburg with our dearest friends, 
amelia, andrew & allison. (we're the consonants of the crew.)
not even kidding, I woke up with grapefruit tonsils & clogged ears,
but neither rain nor sleet nor inflamed throat was keeping me from this outing.
& oh, what a fantastically holiday-licious outing it was.
these are our "it's snowing fake snow!!!" faces:
the ladies love gloves & mittens, the gents love Bear.
christmastown prettiness - it really is so so magical.
enjoying the christmas show in the festhaus over two kids meals & red velvet cake. keeping it classy.
I won't tell you how many times we took advantage of the dollar refills on the peppermint hot chocolate... 
but amelia's face MAY give it away.
not pictured: the impromptu caroling we led on the train ride.
what is there not to love about these people?
they are completely precious to us. such wonderful friends.
we just got home today from a couple days on the beach with jared's family, so now I have to start thinking about all the things I've told myself I'd do AFTER the beach house. the house is cluttered & there's still more shopping to do, & so many Christmas hymns to practice for the Christmas Eve & Christmas services at church this weekend! (the absolute best sort of piano practicing) but I am fulfilled. so much family all around. & friends home from their out of state jobs.

& lastly, my right side eyelashes have absolutely had a growth spurt in the last month. JUST the right side. but I'll take it. I don't understand it. but I'll take it.

xo, kelsey

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