wedding - after session

some polaroids from our bridal shoot with korie lynn photography...
can't get enough.
we just got the package with ALL the photos on it in the mail today,
& I'll be posting some of our favorites as soon as possible.
which mean, yes, I haven't even peeked at the full set yet.
in the mean time, you can spy on the photos korie posted here.

& while you do that, I'm going to light about 46 more candles
to get rid of the smell I created tonight when I almost burned down our apartment
just for a dang grilled cheese sammich. 

xo, kelsey

ps. thanks to this beauty for snapping the behind-the-scenes polaroids!

1 comment:

  1. Grilled cheese sammichessss?
    I know a place where you could've gone for those, where burning doesn't happen.
    Should'a gone to Panera. Mmmhm. Das right.


because lezz be frandz.