minus & plus

I went back to work today.
& the poinsettia plant I had in my office upped & DIED while I was away.
didn't even consider watering itself.
completely rude.
but. as if my little office home knew that I'd need a pick-me-up,
I had zero LETMESAYTHATAGAIN ZERO voicemails.
I hate voicemails. oh, I hate them so much.
so, this was a nice gift.

I bought a really sparkly card case wallet for a friend at work
& had to give it to her with her christmas gift today.
I was really enjoying pretending that shiny piece of wonderful was mine.
friend shares the same affinity for sparkles & got me a SPARKLY TRAVEL MUG.
fun fact: nearly bought her the same one. like, so close to buying it for her.

my cousin was in town for christmas & had to fly back to missouri this morning.
airport goodbyes aren't a fun way to start your day.
but! our home will soon be filled with friends joining us for the new year's weekend!

we went out to a vietnamese restaurant last night.
bad news, folks. not a pho fan.
I know it's the bomb dot com & what not but...
please pass the burgers.
however, I am a long time lover of bubble tea.
so, all my hipster pho-lovin' friends... we can still hang out.

I took out the christmas cd's from my car today. christmas is really over.
babies babies babies! & engagements! & spring weddings!
I may just survive this winter, after all.

but I am totally ashamed to admit that I'm a little bit over the giant tree in our family room.
I know. I know. never thought the day would come.
but it's so stinkin' big.
& the couch is in the middle of the room.
& it's shedding.
but it smells GOOOOOD these days!
probably because it's really truly officially dying.
can someone verify that?

my parents & little sisters are in missouri visiting my grandparents, & aunts & uncles & cousins.
& eating white castle. & playing in snow.
& we are not.
they're taking pictures of my grandparents' retro furniture
that I've staked a claim on since I was 8 & all about some 50's & 60's.
jared will finally get to see his future furniture!

speaking of jared.
he's been working. A LOT. 
& mostly closing shifts, which means he gets home at 11.
but I'm grateful for his job, & the fact that he still manages to stay up
& talk & laugh with me until we fall asleep.
it's just simply the best part of my day.

I need to clean this house. top to bottom.
& I'm determined to be in bed in 5 hours.
wish me luck ;)

xo, kelsey


because lezz be frandz.