our second thanksgivin'

i'm a little amazed that it's 15 minutes into december as i type.
i'm not sure where november went, but it certainly didn't lend itself to internet activity.
but let's pretend that it's still november so that it makes sense for me to share thanksgiving photos.

baby sisters spent the night at our place on thanksgiving eve, & it may very well be the best new tradition yet.
chinese food, pie baking & star wars - can't really beat that ;)
by the time we got to my parents the next morning,
(after the mr. made breakfast with mimosas for the big kids. winnnnn)
most of the food was already up & going, so i set to decorating.
momma's backyard lends itself nicely to table decor, so i didn't spend a dime...
well, except on a gold paint pen & paper for the place cards.
it was such a joyful dinner, spent with friends from church... followed by watching Elf to ring in the Christmas season, of course.

there's so much to be grateful for.
life has slowed down enough to process all the wonders that have been sent our way this year.
the growth, the lessons, the strengthening, the hard times.
second married thanksgiving was just as great as first married thanksgiving,
with a billion trillion bagillion wonderful moments in between.

i spent my evening decorating our apartment with christmas here & there...
& it's somehow midnight thirty.
oh, christmas. you fiend. 
just kidding. i'm not even mad.

xo, kelsey

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  1. The tablescape is totally my job at the Miles Thanksgiving, too. Go figure. ;) Remember that Thanksgiving we got to spend TOGETHER a few years ago? Happy memories. :)


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