it's emily's turn!

see that lady up there?
that's emily, my childhood-next-door-neighbor-turned-maid-of-honor.
this is us dancing to "the luckiest" at my wedding,
something we promised we'd do waaaay before we had someones to make us lucky girls.
as of today, the hand I'm holding is now wearing a big (really, BIG) diamond ring,
& soon, she'll be wearing the white dress.
[HUGE fan of december engagements, by the way... ;)]

I am so thrilled for her & trent.
for the engagement whirlwind they've just begun,
for the beautiful wedding they'll dance their way through,
& for the wedded bliss they'll enter into.

okay, & a little thrilled for an excuse to see a whole ton of emily next year.

you are such a sweet soul, & a beautiful friend.
I haven't met trent yet, but I know that God has given you a true love in him
that somehow, miraculously, makes you an even better you.
I am so excited for you to jump into this utterly dreamy part of your relationship & your life.
you will be such a stunning bride.

& I will be bringing the popcorn bowl with me. oh yes, I will.

oh, love.
you are a wondrous thing.

xo, kelsey

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