10 things about today

10 things about today:

1. I'm pretty sure the exact words that came out of my mouth last night were, 
"will you get up & eat breakfast with me no matter how sleepy & un-wakey-uppy you feel?"
to which he replied, "I would love to!"
but I was too sleepy this morning to even force him to get up.
 breakfast was eating grapes on the drive in to work.

2. & while we're talking about meals, I started my... diet? cleanse? today.
(same one that I did in october.) 28 days of fruits, veggies & proteins. 
helloooooo grilled chicken.

3. & while we're talking about food (we all like food, yeah?),
husband is 100% obsessed with costco. he asked me over the phone if I like tilapia,
without mentioning that there's like, 46 fillets in our refrigerator already after today's costco vacay.

4. the boss & I had a completely inspiring meeting 45 minutes before we left work today.
it reminded me that we're good at what we do, & we're even better when we do it together.

5. I'm pretty sure netflix was created for surviving january.

6. have you ever spent 10 minutes of a 15 minute drive
trying to perfect your tauntaun imitation with your husband? 
because I have.

7. that's a tie fighter emoticon, ps.

8. it's been approximately 64 degrees in our end of the office all week.
about to buy a snuggie, youbetcha.

9. mama's been bringing us fresh, pretty, colorful eggs for a couple of months now.
they just somehow taste better than grocery store eggs.
what's that? I'm talking about food again?

10. After a busy couple of weeks, I finally got out the new camera again.
part of my christmas present was an adapter to use my dad's old minolta lenses
(circa. 1960-something) on our canon, & while difficult, super fantastic.
the photos above were taken with his 50mm. so that's fun!

I'm going to bed.
fingers crossed for breakfast with a hottie in the a.m. ;)

xo, kelsey


  1. The fact that you used a TIE Fighter emoticon, coupled with you and Jared doing tauntaun imitations reminds me why we are good friends. Also, keep him away from the condiment aisle at Costco, unless you want a 5 gallon tub o'ketchup.

  2. For bonus points, do you know what TIE stands for?

  3. i DO... but how do i prove that when we're discussing this online with google at our fingertips?

  4. I will just take your word for it. Surely you wouldn't lie on this blog, for all the world to see.


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