a farewell to 2011

it didn't feel right to let 2011 slip by without posting some highlights from our year...
there's A LOT of photos, so click below the mug to see them all!

-more snow!
-almost dying trying to drive home from work in the snow!
-started psych on netflix to occupy our cold evenings

-first married valentine's day
-sisters' birthday celebrations
-a lot of experimental crockpot cooking
-finished writing our thank-you notes!

-youth beach retreat
-success of a very intense event at work
-23 years of jared!

-essmann family beach week in NC
-the best donuts in the world during beach week

-amelia & andrew get married!!!!!!!
-new baby niece!
-jared's brother gets engaged!
(these three things all took place within 48 hours of each other... big weekend.)

-event season in full swing - I reintroduce myself to caffeine
-mondays off during the event season = beach + farmer's markets
-an attempt at a weekly photo called "sunday best"... maybe bringing it back?

-4th of July in fredericksburg with jared's oldest brother + family
-dog/house-sitting for a week while jared & my family go on a mission's trip

-more beach, naaaturally.
-vbs at church
-alex & reigner get married!
-earthquake, wild fires & hurricanes, oh my!

-work conference in atlanta! so much fun.
-solid date nights to make up for so many trips without one another

-anniversary trip to nyc!
-cardinals win the world series! red velvet cupcakes to celebrate.
-23 years of me! we're the same age again!
-one year anniversary *swoon*

-recovery vacation to a bed&breakfast in richmond after the biggest event of the year at work
-after-session with korie!
-thanksgiving with our families

-christmastown with friends
-beach vacation for bethune christmas
-bein' in LOOOOVE!

 2011 was rich.

we had lots of firsts. first married holidays. first married family vacations. 
first married decisions. first married week away from each other. first anniversaries.

we learned. about each other. about people.
about communication. about our faith. about what’s next.

we traveled. around virginia. around north carolina.
around new york. around georgia. around new jersey.

we survived. an earthquake. a hurricane. a swampfire. an event season.

& 2012? we’re so excited for you. 
I’m actually a little worried that I’m too excited, & that I need to ground myself in reality. 
but we’re jumping in with two feet, 
& I feel peace being whispered over me by a God who knows my heart. 
a God who knows all. & a God who has given me a husband with a love for me & adventure.

xo, kelsey

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