jared, the uncle

we spent the weekend with husby's brother & his family,
one of whom happens to be jared's kindred spirit...
at the ripe old age of one.

our nieces & nephews are the sweetest of kiddos,
& with two little girls ten minutes down the road & the other three a short drive away,
I can usually keep the baby fever at bay.

but man oh man.
seeing jared with this little boy...
well, it makes a girl reconsider what she thinks she knows about baby time.

I'll be sticking to pictures of puppies, kittens & the occasional baby on pinterest.
& maybe pick up knitting so I can start making baby blankets/caps/booties on the weekend?

unhhhh, I wish I had more to say.
but the migraine is still hanging out over here,
which is a little bit like an annoying neighbor walking into your apartment without knocking,
& then POKING you in the right temple for 24 hours straight.
& you opening the door & saying things like, "GEE, I REALLY NEED TO...
& the neighbor saying, oh! I'll join you!

at least my nephew is stinkin' cute.

xo, kelsey

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