walkin' my babies home

yesterday's date came in the form of taking my parents' dogs
(who are also our adopted puppies for the time being)
for a long & chilly walk in the fresh air around their neighborhood.
they are sweet little furry ladies.

it's nothing short of a miracle that I'm even writing a blog post right now.
I have had the meanest couple of days of headaches & pains,
& can think of nothing better to be doing at 10:30 p.m. than closing the old macbook up
& gently placing my still-very-achey head on the nest of pillows that husby has made for me.

although, if upstairs neighbor doesn't stop the stomping,
he may come face to face with the migraine, & I can't control what the migraine might do.

heeeey, there pillow... how YOU doin'?

xo, kelsey + migraine

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  1. I have experienced Kelsey w/migraine before. Your upstairs neighbor should be very, very afraid. Though if I hear about some poor sap being beaten to death with a sparkly coffee cup, I will know the source.


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