just like grandmother

remember back when I told you that my parents & younger sisters were visiting my grandparents
& taking pictures of their absolutely incredible 1950-60's furniture?

well, I finally got the pictures from my sister.
& you know, it's all actually even better than I remember.

I mean, does my grandma have great taste or WHAT?

dying. I am dyyyyying to have these chairs in my house.
not pictured is a formica kitchen table, more kitchen chairs & who even knows what else.
every time I fall more & more in love with the oven,
my grandma issues warnings about it...
but I can't remember what they are,
which means I'm just seeing it with rose colored glasses.

& it's just sitting there in my grandparents' basement.
 waiting for us.
OHHHHH, it's just so beautiful.

xo, kelsey

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