day in the life

yesterday, I put my camera in my purse & walked out the door for work.

so, if you've ever wondered what a day is like in
the life of an event planner during the off-season...
ponder. no. more.
I'm not sure I would ever even try to bring a camera to an event day,
as they are frequently mildly chaotic & sweaty-licious.
there isn't a whole ton of sweating or yelling during the off-season,
although it depends a little bit on the day.

without further ado! 
a peek into my workday:

7am - breakfast! every morning (on this diet), it's citrus for breakfast, & clementines sure are my favorite.
8am - rain on the drive in, & stop fretting - I was stopped at a red light.
8:30am - old pictures circa 2009 that super need to be updated! my family + puppies greet me everyday.

9am - emaaaails, first thing.
10am - fingers crossed every day for no voicemails... but it is booking season, afterall.
10:30am - coffee break. thank the lawd for keurig.

 11:45am - lunchtime, because I can never wait till noon. how do you people do it??
12:30pm - lunch meeting, with crayons & paper table covers to encourage creativity. aka middleschool level doodles.
1:30pm - back to the office, & this time, the decemberists are hangin' out with me.

2:00pm - MEETING + this week's favorite pen
3:00pm - file file file
4:00pm - this is about the time of day that I occupy "my" chair in my boss' office, & we catch up on the day.
she's actually a dear friend, & we'd knock out the wall between our offices if they'd let us.
except not, because even we are aware at how unproductive that would make us.

4:30pm - begin closing up shop, which usually involves staring at my jared-corner. & yes, my plant is dying.
4:55pm - my door, complete with remnants of my christmas door decor, ha.
5:06pm - greeted by a lovely sunset as I walk to my car this time of year.

5:45pm - it's not every night, because sometimes he closes ye ol' coffee shop,
but man oh man, does that make the nights I walk in to this cutie just that much more sunshiney.

 -      -      -      -      -

& that's the fairly vague story of my day.
invigorating, right?

xo, kelsey


  1. Quite the riveting chronicle there. Watch out Beowulf, there's a new epic in town!

  2. Also, you forgot a picture of the chair I sit in and annoy/distract/entertain you.


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