some craftiness

my mom, in all of her craftiness, had used a thrift store frame to make a tray,
& had a pretty fantastically ugly floral painting left over.
inspired by elsie, I rescued the painting from its certain demise
& made this love message for an empty wall in our dining room.
the beatles' "till there was you" is what you could call "our song,"
& is quite near/dear to our hearts.
& now it's quite near/dear to our wall, too.

this was super easy, guys! pop over to elsie's blog for a more detailed how-to.
(hint: yes, use spray paint. but use like, 5 layers & LET IT DRY for a full 24 hours!)

xo, kelsey


  1. ahh, totally do-able. adding it to the list! thanks, kelsey...elsie...k-elsie. ;)

  2. I've seen this idea, and I love it! I enjoy reading your blog; keep being inspiring! :)


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