we decided at the beginning of the year to prioritize having a weekly date on sundays,
no matter how, um, casual? it may be.
we're taking turns planning, but this week was a joint effort, really.
he made the fort, I made breakfast for dinner,
& then we watched our only unseen wes anderson film.
it rained the entiiiire day, 
which made for the perfect movie + breakfast in bed atmosphere.
it's sorta a big conspiracy that the best rainy days only occur on days 
that we're both running in opposite directions to work or meetings or functions,
thank goodness for a gloomy, dreary, snuggly sunday.
it. was. perfect.

the egg concoction you're looking at?
we call 'em sloppy eggs.
it's like the omelette that didn't make the basketball team,
but then turned out to be reaaally good at fencing.

& you guys...
spend the extra $2 on your bacon selection.
we're learning that it's toooootally worth it.
(said the girl who ate a poached egg & two bites of bacon because her diet told her to.
notice there is only ONE plate of breakfast deliciousness.
wooooe is meeeee.)

but don't feel too bad for me.
today marks diet halfway point, & I feel awesome.

xo, kelsey


  1. Baaaaaaacoooooon!!! And yes, bacon is like cheese and good bread, you really get what you pay for. And not to critique Jared's world class architecture skills, but his fort appears to be a bed. I fear you have been deceived.


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