a long, sick weekend

as demonstrated in the first picture, 
jared has spent most of the weekend sick on the couch.
it's been a lot of tea, a lot of tissues & a lot of Portlandia.
I've been cleaning, as scheduled, but it sure is hard to get things done with
a cuddly sicko all snuggled up in a nest on the couch.

for whatever reason, I haven't really, truly been sick since right before our wedding,
so I've been prancing my superhero immune system around, 
singing with birds on my shoulders while the squirrels mop the floor.
that's not true. I mostly beg him to cough in my face because I'd rather get sick now
than during the event season... but so far, the immune system is winning.
totally not complaining... but I'ma be mad if I'm sick in May.

stay healthy!
back to real life tomorrow after this long weekend.
... with bells on, right yaaaa'll?

xo, kelsey

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  1. I need more of you in my life. seeing you to shooting weddings once every 6 years doesn't count.


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